Intellectual Property, trademarks, copyright, patents in Brazil

Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Patents and Copyright.

Intellectual property is the property originated from human intellectual activity which can become marketable by its own value or its industrial applicability. It is divided into industrial property: trademarks, patents, industrial designs among other. And copyright as intellectual works, artistic or scientific, books, music, software among others.

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Because they are intangible and do not materially exist, these types of property require differential care by law. The Intellectual Property Law in Brazil guarantees the existence of such property by means of certificates, obtained from the trademark registration, registration of patents, copyrights, etc.., Always requiring an expert in the field of IP in order to ensure compliance with all the requirements for obtaining and protecting these rights.

The lawyer or agent for industrial property in Brazil is the most recommended professional who cares and protects the industrial property rights of customers who want tranquility and professionalism. The sector of industrial property of any enterprise, whether micro, small, medium or large business, should be considered as one of the most important.

Unfair competition and disputes over domain names are recurring themes envolving this branch of business law.

The records, the actions or litigation involving trademark, patent, copyright or any other type of IP must be represented by competent patent attorney or lawyer with experience in the area. Therefore, contact us right now and leave your questions or request a quote for your services.

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