Intellectual Property, trademarks, copyright, patents in Brazil

Intellectual Property Services and Litigation in Brazil

Registration of trademarks, legal opinions on similar brands, trademark search and consulting. All the services relating with the Brazilian PTO, also including filing objections, oppositions, reconsiderations, statements about the objections and complaints, view of processes, compliance requirements, presentation of defenses, payment of fees, royalties and taxes, application for revocation and the defense, request review, application and litigation of administrative revocation and advice on licensing agreements for use of marks.

Registration of patents, utility models, certificates of addition, industrial design, legal opinions on similar patents, patent search and consulting. In addition, services include filing application and defense of a compulsory license, completion of formalities, application annotation and registration of transfer of license for exploitation of patents, license to use the industrial design as well as advice on any other contract involving intellectual property and technology transfer.

Intellectual Property Litigation
Filing or defending lawsuit to invalidate the trademark registration or patent, Filing or defending lawsuit to annul Brazilian PTO decision that denied a trademark application or patent, Filing or defending litigation to refrain the use of trademarks or patents, Filing or defending litigation for the award of a domain name, Filing and defense in a lawsuit involving unfair competition or false advertising.

Civil lawsuits and business in general.
Civil , business, labor and consumer litigation.

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